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What’s the Buzzz??

Sarah Jessica Parker has a new line at Hallmark! I wanted to check out her namesake collection for Hallmark so you could get a first hand look at... READ MORE

Heartfelt Gifts

I found another cool do- it- yourself idea on Pinterest for V-Day! How cute to just buy a jar, fill it with Hershey Kisses… grab the sticker... READ MORE

You might not be ready… but…..

I wasn’t necessarily planning on stopping into Hallmark today, but I honestly couldn’t walk by with all the adorable Holiday stuff out! I... READ MORE

Trickery and Treats!

Head into Hallmark for your Halloween needs! Find gifts and greetings to spook their funny bone! How about a little decor for your front door? Send... READ MORE

Hallmark Ornament Premiere!

Begin new traditions, or keep them going… Limited quantity ornaments! New Series Keepsake Ornaments! Some Hallmark Facts for you about... READ MORE