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Resort To Style

‘Tis the season to run away from work and gray skies. Whether you’re heading to beaches with clear blue sparkling azure water, or hitting the... READ MORE

Fab Fitness

Some people live to workout, it’s simply a way of life. Others need a little extra motivation or perhaps a reward for their effort. Cute workout... READ MORE


Power to the She! Athleta is such a beautiful store! Plus they have everything you need to empower your practice! You want clothes that fit right and... READ MORE

One week rule…. (plus, a giveaway!)

So, it is kind of funny. One day one of my sisters made a comment to me… (I have 3) Something along the lines of, “you are so funny. You... READ MORE

The Energy of Inspiration

OK Ladies! You know you made some New Year’s resolutions and I am here to help you stick to them! I mean, having some cute work out clothes... READ MORE