Gadgets Galore

Here’s a quick look at the gadgets trending in 2015. From fitness bands, to games old and new to the smart way to run your home, 2015 promises to be easier and more fun than ever before.



Tracking yourself is a workout must for 2015. Track all your motions, calories, heart rate and every mile you walk 24/7 with the Jawbone UP3, Fitbit Flex or Garmin Forerunner 210 with heartrate monitor. We’re also eagerly anticipating the soon-to-be-released Withings Activité Pop – a fitness tracker disguised as a gorgeous smart watch.



What better time to get your gaming on than January? Stay inside, stay warm and stay in wonder. Whether you’re an old school Donkey Kong and Tetris addict, still hearting Candy Crush Saga, enjoy dropping blocks on Minecraft or getting lost in the fantastical Dark Souls II and Mario Kart 8 – grab your smartphone, tablet or controller and get busy gaming those winter blues away.



Smart homes are the latest craze. Get alerts when your kids get home from school, brew your coffee before you wake up and stay virtually connected to your house’s heat, lights, locks, crockpots, garage opener and more all from your smart phone. Brilliant.


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