Posh Party Pajamas

Kate Moss and other trendsetters are stepping out to party in pajama suits. With sophisticated luxe silk and layers abounding, these outfits add fun and frivolity to any fete. Capture that old Hollywood look of Lauren Bacall and Greta Garbo, who were some of the first women who insisted on wearing the pants in film – even if they were satin and silk.


Ralph Lauren’s cashmere separates, Gucci’s lined suit look and other haute couture designers are going out of their way to make pajama suits a staple – there’s no end in sight to the choices, prints and comfort available.

Even if you’re not ready to brave the social scene in an all-PJ ensemble, you can still pair a silky top or printed pant with more traditional items in your wardrobe. The geometric patterns, oversized layers cinched tight at the waist make these stunning pieces standout in a crowd of dresses and frocks.

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