Denim Does It All

One of our favorite things trending here, there and everywhere is denim. From basic blue jeans, svelte pants, high heels and sneakers to curtains, sofas and lampshades – the favored, gorgeous blue is here to stay.


Designer jeans, bellbottoms, western-style, stone-washed, hip huggers – the list goes on and on. As jeans have become more acceptable in more places, there are a dizzying array of choices to please any personality and flatter every figure.



Denim isn’t limited to jeans and jackets. Overalls are making a splash – we’re seeing them on celebrities, models and rock and rollers. Trending big time, it’s a fun casual way to play, perfect for winter weather, comfy indoors and you can kick around in them with all the latest boot styles.



Recently denim has made a great splash in household goods. The beautiful cobalt blue fabric looks great as studio curtains, classic or laidback couches, pillow coverings and even lampshades. Put a burst of indigo in any room and watch where your eyes go – straight to blue.

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