Glad Tidings To Bring

It’s the season for giving, and now you can say yes with confidence and style to every party this season with these pretty, stylish and posh gift ideas for your host or hostess.

NAT-HostessGiftsMonograms are trending and make the gift receiver feel extra special. If you don’t have time to monogram your host’s initials, look for pre-initialed plates, coasters, glasses and even luscious, plush hand towels. It’s a fun and unique way to thank your host for the invite.


NAT-HostessGifts2This is a great gift for any gal whether she’s your BFF or a just a wonderful hostess – Estee Lauder’s 2014 Celebration Powder Compacts feature jewel encrusted, gold compacts adorned with glimmering, festive stars, gems and confetti.


NAT-HostessGifts3Spread the joy with one of the most famous chocolatiers on the planet – Godiva.  You can handpick the divine chocolates and truffles and present them in their coveted gold boxes, gift baskets and gift towers.  Say yes to unforgettable bliss in every bite.

Happy Holidays from Natick Mall!

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