Figure Flattering Favorites

Trending after Thanksgiving? Anything that keeps you chic, smart and slim looking. We’ve got simple solutions that work for almost any body type. A-line skirts, sexy slimming clothes and basic figure flattering styles thankfully abound this holiday fashion season.


Fabulous figure pleasing A-line skirts are all the rage after post-Thanksgiving tummy bumps. Unlike the pencil skirt that hugs your backside and thighs, the A-line skirt not only flatters your waist it creates a perfectly stylish silhouette you can breathe in.


NAT-HolidayFigureFlatteringThe best way to keep their eyes where you want them is the chic plunging necklines that are ruling the runway. Bring some sizzle to your next fete. Front or back plunge, they both make a great fashion statement while flattering your figure.



Classic cable knit sweaters – funky, textured and boxy like Michael Kors Textured-Knit Sweater – and sweaters with horizontal stripe designs all work especially well with the A-line skirt. Pair those sweaters and skirts with high heels or slimming knee length boots and you are a fashion statement to be reckoned with.

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