Fashion Fitness Fun

‘Tis the season to stay in shape so you can hit the holiday buffet looking – well, buff. Workout inside or out and look hotter than ever before. Finally celebrities, top designers, models and you can work out hard and sweat with the glow of glamour.




Go outside – no matter the weather. Just think in threes: top, middle and base. Keep your base breathable and made of moisture-wicking material. Your middle-layer should focus on fabrics like fleece that keep your body heat trapped inside. The top layers deal with the elements – rain, ice, wind and sun with modern, slimming, fashionable choices.




Spandex is trending in the gym with seriously sexy fitness wear. Haute couture designers like Stella McCartney, Norma Kamali and Zella are revamping the way our workouts go with amazing sleek designs, straps and wicking fabrics. With geometric and hip choices even sports bras can be worn with your head held high.



The newest innovation trending this season: laser cuts in workout wear. It’s easy to stay sexy and chill on your workouts with state-of-the-art laser cuts. They provide a number of clever ways to show off your muscles and body in these breathable beauties.

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