Stylishly Spooky

From kids to adults, Halloween brings out the fun and freaky in all of us. Decorate it scary and posh at the same time. Your apartment, your house, your desk – even your nails. October is all about Halloween and all its fun and eerie accouterments.

NAT-Halloween3Kids costumes have become as amazingly intricate and fancy. Find cute to spooky and all the extras and in betweens at Pottery Barn for Kids. Each costume has its own matching treat basket that can double as a decoration in their room.


NAT-Halloween2This season you don’t really need a costume as the fashions are already drenched in themes from Pop Art tees to Goth smoky eyes, Vintage 20’s flapper style, Steam punk dashing – stand out and dare to be dramatic.


NAT-Halloween4Dishes, bowls and plates for everything from candy corn and mini-bars to Snow White’s pure red apples. Go the fun kid spooky way or posh your place up with adult eye candy.


NAT-HalloweenHalloween nails are wacky and fun for all ages. There are so many ways to go – using nail polishes to design bloody nails or Frankenstein heads, skeletons, ghouls, goblins, witches abound in adhesive stickers, wraps and even stamps.

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