Purses Packed with Personality

From the smallest hand-beaded clutch to enormous suitcase-sized leather purses – Fall bags are bursting with personality.


Bold patterns and colors harken back to the sixties mod scene and do not disappoint. You’ll be large and in charge when you enter the boardroom with one of these reimagined classics. Look for leather rectangle purses, flat and boasting large printed ironic statements, big geometric designs, prints and photographs on fabric.





Brightly dyed colors in zebra prints, crocodile, alligator and snake skin – the jungle has gotten gorgeous and sophisticated. Furs are also being dyed bright orange, bright blue stripes, yellow. Let your colorful side go wild and enjoy.





Trending tassles, leather fringe, feather fringe, the long and the short, sassy and fun. Fringe is everywhere, boots, vests, t-shirts and now purses. The perfect whimsical complement for day and night.

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