Polish Off Your Look

Changing your nail color is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your look for Fall. But, with a seemingly endless array of shades to choose from, picking a color can seem like one of the hardest decisions to make. So we’ve found three of the hottest color families for Fall to help you narrow things down a bit.


NAT-NailPolish2Inky blues could be the new black – or at least a great substitute for black. Deep, dark shades of blue give you the edginess of black without going over the top. Blue looks especially sophisticated on square-meets-oval nail shapes. Royal purples are also having a moment and can produce a similar effect.


NAT-NailPolishStrong and elegant browns in deep, rich shades are all the rage this fall and work with any skin tone. Try a luscious brown with gold rings or bracelets for a chic, modern kick. Nearby on the spectrum are dark crimsons. These shades can be super sultry, mixed with a dark edge that can take you through all of the colder months. 


NAT-NailPolish3Consider concrete gray your new favorite neutral. Although it’s more eye-catching than nude or white, it won’t interfere with your everyday style. For a more luxe look, top your gray with some metallic sparkles.

We hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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