Takin’ It To The Street Chic

Now that the weather has taken a chilly turn, it’s the perfect time to bring out those cardigans, jackets, boots and dark city chic looks. Play with bohemian styles, sporty looks and funky accessories. Hit the street with confidence in these fashionable new styles.

NAT-StreetStyleBring out the gypsy, mod love look for Fall Street Chic. Combine a plain maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt and a men’s vest. Or super flower power it with a maxi dress with lots of cool geometric patterns, stripes or, you got it, flowers. Stick with neutral colored ankle boots which work with a variety of maxis, minis and pencil thin pants.


NAT-StreetStyle2Skinny jeans, striped trousers, t-shirts, men’s cardigans, all turn sportier when you add sneakers. Canvas, leather, cool new fabrics have changed the frumpy or athletic look forever. Super bright colors are definitely trending. Try neon yellow shoe laces, all the color at your feet renders almost any outfit sporty chic.


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