Be a Stylish Slacker

Who wears the pants? We do! Slacks have made a comeback. And those in the know are zipping up their pants with sequins, rhinestones, leathers and fabrics of all colors and weights.


NAT-PantsPinstripes, leather strips, and tuxedo satin stripes – the long lines work great at slimming and lengthening your legs. Slip into some strappy, cutout pumps or peep-toe ankle boots with high heels and hit the pavement in style.


NAT-Pants2Look for lux details such as belts that range from ornate, beaded rhinestones, glitter and gold chains to soft leather, old school buckles with trucker logos, funky enameled belts – the choices are endless and unforgettable.


NAT-Pants3You’ll be trending from the ground up. Whether it’s uber long pants that spill over the shoe (think Robin Wright’s gorgeous jumpsuit at the Grammy’s), Capri, ankle length, knee high, shorts and even mini shorts. Corduroys, classic wool, hounds tooth – show your legs off or don’t. Mix shorts with blazers and jackets to stay warm while looking chic and cool.

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