Hot Color Trends

Now that the red, white and blue festivities have passed, you may be taking a fresh look at your accessory color palette. Here are some color combos that will stay hot all summer long.


Color trends-BWDoes it get more versatile than black and white? This simple contrast allows you to pull off more interesting and complex patterns that may look too busy or garish in full color. Simple and sophisticated, day or night, you can always count on black and white.


Color trends.PastelScientific proof may be lacking, but we firmly believe that pastels provide shielding from summer heat. These sweet and feminine shades may be typically reserved for spring attire, but pastel accessories are fabulous for summer as well.


Color trends.metallicMetallic accents are virtually a requirement at music festivals and outdoor movie events. It’s like hanging on to a few rays of sunshine even after the stars come out. Plus, they’ll really show off your summer tan. They’re also a perfect way to transform your office attire into a fun outfit for a night on the town.

Thanks for checking in. We really do hope we’re helping you to have a sensational summer.

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