Summer Break

School is out, but we still have plenty of smart looks for your kids. And since it’s such a laidback time of year, we’re keeping it simple so you spend less time dressing for summer and more time enjoying it.

Kid's Style Guide.girlsEasy fitting tops go great with crisply tailored shorts. A single embellishment and small color details keep it casual. Metallic sneakers will help her shine in the summer sun while a soft fabric backpack holds everything she needs for a summer of adventure.

Kid's Style Guide.boysThe key is to be simple without being too plain. Little details such as a colored pocket can take a t-shirt to a whole new level while classic khaki shorts offer the ultimate in versatility. Patterned sneakers add personality and help hide stains. A floppy hat simply screams summer and offers protection from the sun.

Kid's Style Guide.toysOr course, kids need something to do all summer. Puzzles are great solo projects or family pastimes. Add a garden hose to an inflatable slide to create your very own water park. Come make a new friend at Build-A-Bear workshop or create virtually anything with Legos.


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