Men’s Wedding Styles

Traditionally, guys have played it safe with their wedding day attire – but it looks like 2014 will be the year more grooms and groomsmen express their unique styles. Here are three simple ways for the men of the hour to break away from the standard tux.

Men's Wedding-SuitMismatched dresses for bridesmaids have been a strong trend for a while now, and the guys are finally catching up. This trend is popular with men for the same reasons the ladies love it – it’s so much easier when planning weddings long distance, and can save money if groomsmen can wear suits they already own or are happy to pay for as they will wear them again. For a smart and cohesive look, have all the guys wear different shades of the same color. Or pick a signature accessory like a pocket square, vest or a specific tie pattern for everyone to wear with their own apparel.


Men's Wedding ColorA standout pop of color is another way to show your personal sense of style. A signature color can also serve to tie your wedding party together when everyone is wearing their own clothes. Your color choice can be a personal favorite, a tribute to your alma mater or a salute to another country that holds special meaning for you (where you met your bride, where your parents were born, etc.)


Men's Wedding ShoesNot all wedding attire calls for patent leather shoes. Summer weddings in particular often have a more casual, laid back feeling. There are a ton of casual styles out there with sophisticated touches. Look for suede or Nubuck options in simple color palettes. But remember, casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Shoes should definitely look like new and be free of scuffs and creases. Shoes with “character” are great for camping trips and backyard gatherings, but not for your wedding day.


If you’re planning your big day, congratulations! And if you’re a member of the wedding party, we hope you have a great time looking your best.

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