Hot Summer Gear

Make the most of every relaxing summer moment with these handy helpers and fun gadgets. From weekends at the lake to evenings on the back porch to lunch hours in the park, there’s a little something out there to make your day just a little brighter.

Summer tunesWhat’s a get together without music? With so many great wireless speakers out there, you’ll never have to find out. Pick a colorful look that matches your style and grab a waterproof model for the pool or boat.


Summer ChillAnother great thing about summer is all the tasty ways to beat the heat. A classic Coleman cooler will keep all your beverages icy cold while this innovative bottle gives your water a citrus kick without pulp or seeds. And it just wouldn’t be summer without some fantastic frozen treats.

Summer phonesSummer is all about roaming free and chasing adventures. The latest smartphones can help you find your way, make sure you stay connected and snap some truly incredible pictures along the way. Just make sure your phone is protected from the inevitable drops and spills. Plus, a battery backup is always a good idea when you’re off the beaten path.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your gear and get out there before summer flies by.


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