Shades of Style

People come in all shapes and sizes. Just because a skirt or dress looks good on one body type, doesn’t mean it works for everyone. The same holds true with faces – and the glasses we wear. Now that it’s time for everyone to start wearing sunglasses, we’ve put together this quick guide to choosing the perfect frames for your face.


Sunglasses RoundRetro circular frames, like those favored by Beyoncé, complement angular features in an ultra-stylish way.


Sunglasses-SquareOversized rectangular frames always make a stylish statement on women with round faces.

Sunglasses-CatEyeThe latest cat-eye designs are a decidedly modern accessory for those with oval faces.

Sunglasses-AviatorAviators are a chic choice for those with heart-shaped faces – which explains why Angelina Jolie is such a fan.


Now, have fun picking out the shades that help you see, and look, your best.


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