Entertaining for Outsiders

It’s time to take full advantage of warm spring weather – whether that means moving your family dinners to the back patio or having a full fledged fiesta. Here are three great themes for setting the perfect outdoor table.


Going outdoors doesn’t have to mean paper plates and plastic cups. For a more refined look that still feels relaxed, keep it simple with shades of white and colors that appear a bit sun-faded. You can include one or
two statement pieces for interest, but don’t go overboard with patterns.


RetroLakehouseConjure up childhood memories of lazy days with contemporary takes on classic accoutrements.
Your guests will feel instantly relaxed and ready for fun. If you have one or two truly vintage
pieces to add to the mix, all the better.


RusticRosyVivid patterns mixed with rustic finishes will create the perfect balance of casual elegance. A
darker floral pattern will work well all summer long, while pastels are more suitable for spring.

No matter which design direction suits you best, you’ll love inviting guests out of your home.


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