Beautiful Easter Brunch

Easter is just around the corner – and for many of us that means a big family gathering. Here are some
excellent tips (notice how we didn’t say “eggscelent”) on setting a beautiful table for your brunch or dinner.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns as long as you stay in the same color family. Soft
pastels mix well with one another. White, pale blues and natural tans are also great for Easter,
with pops of springy green and yellow. Play with contrasting textures also – it adds richness and depth.


Keep it functional – choose a few special pieces to focus on so you don’t overwhelm the table.
And don’t forget about height – guests should be able to easily see each other across the table.

Easter-WSonomaCombine old and new. Don’t be afraid to incorporate special Easter pieces in
with your everyday ones, but again, stick with a specific color scheme.

Easter-Sur la TableDisplay decorated eggs – whether they’re artfully crafted or the simple ones your children
are proud of making. Set them in a beautiful big bowl on the table, or nestle them in a nest at
each place setting.

Pick cheerful, unfussy flowers. Small daisies are lovely for Easter entertaining, and
ranunculus are beautiful spring flowers that come in white and colors.

Of course, the best way to make people feel at home and relaxed at your table is be relaxed
yourself. Lay out your serving dishes ahead of time, set the table the night before, and plan
your seating arrangement in advance. That way when guests arrive, you’ll be able to relax
and spend time with them instead of scurrying around the kitchen and dining room.

We’d love to see how the pieces you find at Natick Mall fit into your beautiful setting.
So be sure to include @ShopNatick when you Tweet or Instagram your photos. Happy Easter!


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