Festival Fashion

Now that Spring is finally in the air, festival season can’t be far behind. Maybe you’re making the trek to Coachella next week or looking forward to Lollapalooza, Governors Ball or Newport Folk. If so, you’ve probably given careful thought to your clothes and shoes, but what about accessories and make-up? Here are a few essential details that are key to a stylish festival experience.

FestivalWearScarfBig Scarf: With unpredictable weather and changing temps throughout the day, you
need serious versatility. You can wear this lifesaver around your head, drape it
over your shoulders, tie it around your waist or wear it as a top.

FestivalWearShadesStylish-but-Replaceable-Shades:  The sheer mass of people and the size of the
venues add up to increased risk to sunglasses. Find a fun pair that won’t be tragically
missed if they’re lost or trampled by the crowd.

FestivalWearBackPackRugged Backpack: An essential for trekking between stages with your camera,
phone, water, souvenirs, sunscreen, big scarf, wallet and more.

FestivalWearSpraySetting Spray: A great idea anytime you plan to spend time in the
summer heat. After foundation and powder, apply a setting spray to keep
skin shine-free and all make-up in its place.

FestivalWearEyeShadowEye Primer:  Don’t let a little perspiration make it look like you’ve been
crying. This silky eye primer keeps both cream and powder shadows in place.
For professional results, apply the primer, cream and then a powder to set.


Even if you don’t have a pass to the VIP tent, you can still look the part. Have a blast!

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