2014 Food Trends

Clothes may make the man, but “you are what you eat” applies to all of us. So let’s take a look at some of the trends that will shape the way we eat and drink in 2014.


Chicken Wings

Wait, what’s new about chicken wings? OK honestly, not much. Americans consumed more than 1 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl weekend alone. But their popularity continues to grow and they’re not just cooped up in bar menus anymore.


Gourmet Pizza

FoodTrendsExpect a rise in artisan, gourmet pizza chains. Many will expand through franchising, a fast-growth model that will see many more neighborhoods get their own upscale pizza joint in 2014. The National Restaurant Association recently formed the Pizzeria Industry Council – so you know a trend is taking off. Buy why wait for the new franchise to open? Visit California Pizza Kitchen, the original pizza innovators, on our Lower Level near Banana Republic.

Mashup Dishes

Ever had a dessert pizza, like a coconut-chocolate-with-strawberries pie? Or tasted one of 2013′s breakout foods, the croissant-doughnut hybrid cronut? These sort of “mutan morsels” will be all the rage in 2014.

Cauliflower is the Next Kale

FoodTrends2Cauliflower is taking a page from the kale playbook and stepping up its game. Broccoli’s pale cousin is low in calories and rich in Vitamin C, fiber and complex carbs. As with its leafy green buddy, culinary enthusiasts are finding new and exciting ways to use the nutrient-dense veggie. Here is a fabulous Recipe for Cauliflower Soup. And here are 5 unexpected ways to get the most out of cauliflower.


Upscale Comfort Food

FoodTrends3In 2014, watch for old-time comfort foods done with more upscale ingredients — such as the grilled cheese sandwich from NM Café on level 2 of Neiman Marcus. How does gruyère, gouda, white cheddar and tomato jam on sourdough sound?


Ice Cream Sandwiches

FoodTrends4While cupcake and donut options will remain plentiful, foodie forecasters predict that ice cream sandwiches will be the next classic treat to receive the artisan touch.


Small-batch distilleries

FoodTrends - Small BatchThe days of simply muttering “Crown and Coke” or “gin and tonic” are fading away as people start to more deeply consider their cocktails. Distillers are now more likely to be thought of as artists balancing the delicate flavors of barrels and botanicals. Don’t be shy about asking the bartender at The Met Bar & Grill for a recommendation.

Bon appétit!

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