Towel Cake Craze!

As you know, I love Francesca’s Collections. Just fabulous fashion finds in awesome hues… But lately I’ve been really taking a closer look at their really unique little gift collection they have. There is always something new.  So, today as I was just kind of looking for no real purpose, I had moments of wow, this would make a great gift idea if only I had the person to buy it for!

So, I am going to share them with YOU in case you happen to have the perfect recipient!

You must hear about some of these cool items… Such as quick hem.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I am definitely short and pants can tend to be long on me. Imagine if you had these pants in the closet that you want to wear but you didn’t have them hemmed yet.  Just pull out this little quick hem kit and you can tape the hem and no one will even notice! Or… it is great for emergencies!  When your hem gets ripped at a wedding from some crazy dancing on the dance floor, how great it would it be to find this in the bathroom basket as a quick fix!


A mini emergency kit would make a great bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be!

Every girl needs to be prepared for the unexpected. This metallic emergency kit holds all the essentials such as bandages, double sided tape, earring backs, lip balm and much more! Toss this kit in your bag & enjoy a trouble free night.


How perfect and how cute would this be? It could be put on the bride’s shoe… or since it is an appliqué, it could be put on almost anything!

Another cute gift idea… I’m thinking, buy these items and put them in something cute! I love finding a way to put cute things in one of the registry items!


Or, these items could also be great for an engagement gift as well!

As I have mentioned, I’m addicted to Pinterest… there must be more people like me out there, right?  I mean, who isn’t addicted? It is just brimming with cool ideas!

 I stumbled on a really adorable shower gift idea! It is just like the diaper cake idea, but instead, buy kitchen towels in colorful hues, or cool prints, then you put kitchen utensils sticking up out of it.
A towel cake is a non-edible cake made of hand and bath towels and decorated with ribbon, and flowers, and filled with items that fit the occasion. So, once you start thinking about it, you could probably come up with some cool ideas on how to make your cake extra special! You could make it more fun by using items like I showed you above…or you could put utensils, pot holders, measuring spoons….  Or try wine glasses, bottle opener, wine stop… Pick something that would express you and the bride’s personality!
You could even pick up some of these towels at Crate and Barrel in these hot hues!
Towel cakes are the latest craze and make great homemade gifts for weddings, baby showers, housewarming parties, and birthdays. Towel cakes also make unique centerpieces and beautiful table decorations for special occasions – like Holidays!
The Options are endless!  Movie Theme – movie tickets, boxed candy, microwave popcorn, DVDs! Spa theme – candles, bath salts, bubble bath, soap!
Have Fun!  If you decide to try any of these ideas, let me know I would LOVE to hear from you! Take a pic and send it to me:

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