Guru Snapshot ~ Delia*s

Find great fashion clothing exclusively at Delias.

Their great assortments of teen clothing and girls clothing means you’ll find everything to suit your look.

From bright solids to floral and stripes… Delia’s has you covered!

This store is great for girls and young women around the ages of 13 and 19. Delia’s also is popular amongst college women, as many of its clothing and accessories are mature and affordable for college aged students.

Glamour magazine featured Delia*s denim as a great affordable option!

This is what they had to say….

“Speaking of savings, you’ll almost never pay full price with Delia’s–and their denim is pretty affordable to begin with. When it comes to super-trendy styles, like bright color jeans, $39.50 is about a big a splurge as you need to make, considering you won’t want to wear hot pink for an eternity.”

Color is EVERYWHERE!! :)  

Back detail is all the rage lately! See what Delia’s has to offer:

Gotta-Have-It-Shorts in lots of colors!

dELiA*s is the fashion brand for teen girls. They are fun & upbeat, with the hottest trends & best-fitting jeans.

Delia’s has plenty of Fashion Forward Colors that bring any look to the next level!

Let me know how you do!

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