YAY, another fun contest!!!

First, let’s see what is new at BCBG!!

Precise pleats on sophisticated silhouettes, exotic prints and florals are all the major trends to check out at BCBG!  Of course they have amazing statement accessories and lots of color blocking!  Plenty of amazing colors to choose from!

Lucky for us, they have given us two (2) awesome totes to giveaway to our loyal Guru Blog Readers!  

Check it out!!

Tote Giveaway!

Want to win?  Here’s how:

Leave me a comment telling me about the items that you ALWAYS carry with you in your purse (for example, I always have chapstick and clear nail polish).  Trust me, this beautiful nude/rose colored tote is large enough to carry WAY more than my chapstick and nail polish, but I am curious to hear about those items you can’t leave the house without! 

Two (2) entrants will be randomly selected to receieve a BCBG MAXAZRIA tote.  The promotional period will end on Sunday, April 29th (11:59pm), make sure to get your comments in before then!  There are NO wrong answers, just have some fun! 

Must be 13 years or older to enter and a legal U.S. resident.  No purchase necessary.  Click here for official contest rules and regulations.


  1. Shauron says:

    I always carry extra pair of earrings, hand lotion and lip moisturizer

    • Anonymous says:

      I always carry hand sanitizer chap stick but most important the old note my husband left me when we were dating I must read that atleast once a week

  2. I always carry my bobble water bottle, pens and my small idea journal :) This tote is gorgeous- thank you! Victoria

  3. Ali says:

    There are 2 items i always carry with me in my bag. The first item would be my chapstick! I cannot go anywhere without having chapstick at my side. Its become like an addiction. The second item is eyedrops. I work mostly staring at a computer screen all day so I find my eyes to get red and dry throughout the day. To fix that issue i simply reach for my eyedrops =)

  4. Mary says:

    I always have hand lotion and baby wipes!

  5. Amy says:

    This tote is beautiful! In my bag I always have my wallet, sunglasses, my kiehls chapstick, and a snack (which is usually eaten by my kids!).

  6. Elena says:

    I always carry my chapstick and my coupons holder.

  7. Ellen Kudron says:

    Would love this tote! I always have my wallet and a lip gloss, cell phone and camera!!!

  8. Danielle Gibson says:

    What do I carry, more appropriate what don’t I carry! Everything, from my wallet, to extra makeup, my daughter’s wallet, her phone my phone bottle of water, safety pins, straight pins, bandaids, hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, chapstick, hand lotion, baby wipes, tylenol, excedrin, oh dear my list can go on and on! Have a great day :) thank you for the contest!

  9. Kathleen Senior says:

    I always carry my reading glasses, my license, and my library card.

  10. Danielle de O. A. says:

    Handmosturizer & Mascara

  11. Andrea says:

    I always carry a lip gloss, hand lotion, my wallet and a water bottle.

  12. Karen says:

    I always have lip moisturizer, hand sanitizer, folding scissors, and a nail clipper. Plus ponytail elastics and clips. And a few bandaids. I have 2 kids so I’m always in need of these things.

  13. Carina Singh says:

    Burts bees lip balm, Phone, and enough cash to blow up at Natick Mall

  14. I always carry my bottle of water, my wallet, phone, and my current obsession, Maybelline baby lips.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My Godiva gold card, my Red Mango Club card( treats are essential!) lip gloss from B & B works, my fav nail color, porchester square(Nails Inc from Sephora) wipes, fruit gummies, cell phone, moisturizer w/ SPF, My make up bag(from forever 21) lots of hair clips and hairbands, crayons, stickers…a random barbie doll shoe( I have three daughters!) bottled water… and my wallet so I can buy more things to try and shove in my bursting bag!

  16. Laura says:

    I always carry way too much in my purse. My cellphone, lipgloss, bronzer, eye liner, foundation, mascara, my wallet, hair ties, bows, random jewelry,credit card, ID, a drink, sometimes a pair of flats, and a snack for my daughter, just in case. :)

  17. Tammy Valdez says:

    The better question would be what don’t I carry? Call me old school, but I have a pen and notebook, all of the feminine necessities including extra starbursts, happy medicine (tylenol) and a miniature squirt gun…sans water. You never know when it will come in handy, if you can find a water source in time…

  18. Asia moore says:

    I always have in my bag wipes, diapers, snacks and snacks! That’s just for baby! I do not leave my house with out sunglasses, Burt’s bees Chapstick, and my lip venom lip plumper!!

  19. Amy W. says:

    Ooo the bag is so pretty!

    I have so many things in my purse:
    cosmetic bag with mirror, lip stick, lip gloss, burt’s bees
    coupon organizer
    usb drive

  20. Katy A says:

    I always carry with me tide stick, hairbrush, chopstick, and a diaper and pacifier for my little one.

  21. Lisa Carr says:

    I always have chapstick & gum in my purse.

  22. Wendy W says:

    I carry so many things such as wallet, credit cards, coupons, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, lip stick, mirror, comb, T-pass, sunglasses, pen, work ID, eye drops, water bottle, candy, and napkins.

  23. Francine says:

    I thought about it and actually looked inside my bag, wallet, lipsticks, eyeliner, phone, sunglasses, pens, 2 pairs of readers, oil blotters, blush and LOTS of loose pennies and few junior mints from the last movie I went to see. LOL

    • Hana Sohn says:

      There’s always so many things I want to to carry, but sometimes my bag isn’t big enough for everything. So I pick the most important things, like my lip balm and lip gloss, my wallet, a book or newspaper to read if I have spare time and need to get off my feet, a pen and pencil, a pack of gum, my sunglasses, some small plastic bags with dry snacks in them, a water-bottle, a small bottle of perfume, and a spare t-shirt if the one I’m wearing ever gets dirty.

  24. Julie L. says:

    I always carry about 6 lipglosse and balms (I never know which I may want to use at any given time!) my ipod and cell phone, sunglasses, blotting papers and my wallet! Boring I know, but these are the items I cannot live without!!! :)

  25. Kristyn says:

    Chapstick, diapers and wipes I am due to have another baby next week, so I will probably have two sizes of diapers everywhere I go!!

  26. Julia Rutledge says:

    I always have baby wipes, makeup bag, cell, wallet, sunglasses and usually 2 or 3 little toys or teethers :)

  27. Susan says:

    Paula dorf lip stick, phone, and gum

  28. Kristen says:

    I always have hand sanitizer, gum, my wallet, cell phone and lip gloss!

  29. Christina Olson says:

    I always carry my coupons and store cards in my purse to my favorite stores. Hand sanitizer, tissues, bobby pins, hair elastic, mini hairbrush, gum or mints, chapstick, touch-up powder, Smashbox O-Gloss, mini toothbrush + paste.

  30. Laura H says:

    I always have these items in my purse; car keys, cell phone, credit card, lipgloss, a pen, my license, mints or gum, a hair clip or elastic.

  31. Kim says:

    I carry probably too much stuff! But my essentials would be lip balm and my cell phone. (Though I also can’t do without band-aids, eye drops and Excedrin!)

  32. Ashley says:

    Of course I have the obvious things like wallet and cell phone but I also ALWAYS have lip balm, lipgloss, hand lotion, and a small journal and pen.

  33. Ashley B. says:

    Safety Pins and Glue: Though it might sound weird, carrying safety pins and glue is a smart choice. Broken sandals, zip, buttons anything can be fixed temporarily with the help of either a safety pin or glue. You do not need to worry about any kind of malfunction with these tiny things! :)

  34. Michelle Le says:

    If I win this bcbg tote – I would carry my wallet in the tote bag, lip gloss from sephora, my checkbook, my iPad; Chapstick, bills statements; hand cream, phone charger, mails, credit cards…..I have so much things to carry in the tote bag! Thank you, I hope I can win this bag as a mother’s day gift to me

  35. Anita says:

    I always carry: a tissue packet, lip balm, wallet, hand sanitizer and a pen!

  36. Alex says:

    I always have altoids, hand cream and Chapstick in my bag

  37. ivanka90 says:

    I am known for my “Mary Poppins” bags! Two things I always carry with me are a pen/notebook set and a nail file. And I probably use them both every single day!

  38. Alice J. says:

    I was thinking about this the other day. Before I had my daughter Petra I would have a little makeup bag, lotion, my wallet, hand sanitizer, my coupons, cell phone, tissues, and a pen. Now I always purchase big purses (luckily they are in style) so that I don’t have to carry two bags around the mall and my purse contains diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes for Petra, her bottles, my wallet, cell phone, and keys :)

  39. The items in my bag are credit cards, gum, sunglasses and tissues.

  40. Jayne Marquit says:

    I am a tote fanatic! They don’t like to let me into arenas with my big bag! LOL I carry comb, water, wallet, kleenex, a book, post-its, coupons, hand cream, glasses, sunglasses, cell phone, ipod shuffle, pens, pencils, and a pocket calendar!

  41. Margaret says:

    I always carry: my wallet with my ID and reward cards for many stores, coupons for the grocery store, coupons and offers for mall stores, a notebook and pen, my ipod classic, earbuds, my phone, sunglasses, reading glasses, a paperback book in case I’m stuck somewhere waiting, chapstick, kleenex, drops for my contacts, a travel hair brush, hand sanitizer, perfume, lipstick, hand lotion, advil, and a small flashlight. I also usually have a bottled water and a luna bar with me just in case.

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