Indoor/Outdoor Sactionals at Lovesac!

Just in time for SPRING!! Are you on the market for new outdoor furniture?

Did you know that you can buy that at Lovesac??

The pricing is very simple - bases are $500 and the sides are $250.

(Examples of pricing:  Outdoor Sofa: $2000,  Chaise: $1500,  Chair: $1250)
Each base and side comes with 2 covers. 1st: “linen”- a fresh crisp off white canvas and 2nd: “Thatch” a warm milk chocolate brown. These are water resistant and resistant to sun fading for up to 300 hours.
They also have custom covers available in luscious rich colors: pesto, dandelion,pottery(terracota orange), China red, Pacific blue, Navy, Forest green, Aquamarine, kona, black and more! These are higher grade and have a rating of 1000+ hours of sun-fading resistance.
The frames are made of aluminum and will never rust. All the hardware is guaranteed for life. The covers are guaranteed for three years against manufacturer warranties.
And of course, the sactional pieces can do whatever you want, movie lounger, party lounger, sectional with chaise…create your dream outdoor experience.
Feel free to stop in and look at color swatches!
I know I had to check them out! See some pics here:
Check them out at
Plus they also have their beautiful new Spring colors, cover and accessories. So, if you are looking for a neat sectional, check out lovesac’s sactionals!  Stop in and see for yourself how comfy they are ~ I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

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