Fashion Star Designs selling out across the Nation!

Whether you watch the show or not, the designs from Fashion Star are selling out!!

Doesn’t that make you want to know what everyone is buying?

So, last night the designers had to work together as teams and showcase their outfits in store windows in order to draw people in from the streets.  It was fun to see them incorporate that onto the Runway.

As Nicole Richie pointed out, their window’s needed to make a statement and tell a story.  Definitely not your typical fashion show!

Here are Caprice’s picks from last night!

 Ronnie’s low cut back dress ended up in a battle of the bids between H&M and Macy’s.

However, Macy’s ultimately made the final bid at 110K and purchased his dress! Even better, it was Ronnie’s FIRST sale.

It is available in 3 color options: Black, Pink or Multi-colored! I think this will do very well, don’t you?

Caprice thought that the surprise detail in the back would stop traffic and she sees greatness in Ronnie.



hometown: philippines · grew up in an agricultural province · 
moved to the u.s. at 17 & served in the navy ·attended fashion design school in san francisco
Onto Macy’s next purchase….

Ross impressed judges with his double-buttoned vest 

Classic with a modern edge. Caprice knew these vests would be phenomenal at Macy’s and thinks Ross is just hitting his stride.



hometown: dallas, texas · likes to hunt & fish · 
designs custom cocktail, formal & wedding dresses at his family’s ranch · owns a dress shop in austin

Tonight Edmund was sent home… Although he promises this won’t be the last that we see or hear from him.

Edmund Newton wanted to showcase his design and is thankful for this opportunity.

So, what do you think of Ronnie’s low back dress and Ross’s vests?? Yay or Nay?

Next week is the final 9 designers, Tuesday night on NBC.

Have any of you purchased anything yet from Fashion Star?? DO TELL!

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