GURU Style Star Riley!

While at the mall with my girls, I stopped into Icing because my girls refused to just walk by! What went from just a casual visit, turned into a whole experience within itself! (more on this later!)

We saw Riley get her ears pierced! She is turning 4 in just a few weeks and this adorable little girl didn’t even make a peep during it all! 

On top of that, she so looked adorable! I just had to ask her mom if I could make her my STYLE STAR!! 

Lucky for me, her mom said YES!

Take a look at how cute Riley is!

I loved her whole ensemble! The adorable skinny jeans with the beautiful cardigan!! Those ballet flats were just the perfect finishing touch! She’s truly a little FASHIONISTA!

Riley is basically what turned our little, “Oh let’s pop into Icing for a minute” pitstop, into a whole different experience altogether!

Thank you Riley for being an inspiration with your bravery and for being my STYLE STAR!  You are truly a sweet little girl! HAPPY 4th Birthday to you! I hope you get lots of new earrings!!!  :)

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